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Published in English, MAFO is the independent journal for producers, managers and distributors in ophthalmic optics worldwide.

It is designed to reflect the interests of all sectors, at every link in the global eyewear delivery chain, including the industry’s importers and exporters. It also focuses on supplier’s relationship with retail optics, especially chains, marketing and buying groups.

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MAFO is the journal dedicated to optical business. It’s aim: to provide a well-balanced, interesting mix of features with practical new information and management insights.

The publisher and editorial team all have in depth experience. They are supported by an international editorial board of experts, to help to plan and to develop the journal concept.


Permanent Columns in MAFO - Ophthalmic Labs and Industry

Daily business questions

Closing Words
You should know her or him

Education in people is the best investment

No money, no business

The spontaneous and unsolicited view of the readers. Thesis and anti-thesis will show a colourful mix of the freedom of opinion.

Looking back to understand developments

Industry News
Product news and marketing promotions of manufacturers and wholesalers

International Markets
The world is changing and you should know how it does

Important topics in discussion

Letter from the Publisher
Editorial comments on developments and everyday occurrences from all sectors of the industry

Leadship, Corporate Identity, Quality Control and Company Philosophy

Market Surveys and Statistics
Overview of markets

Strategies to open up markets

People and companies to look at

Reports about the latest international trade shows and conferences

Up to date articles of important delevopments in technology

News about different aspects and persons of the business

Suppliers Guide
Who offers what

Surfacing, Cleaning, Coating, Glazing

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