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Surveys Lens Inspection, Automation, Generators

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Surveys Generators, Lens Inspection, Automation

A scientific discourse

“A scientific discourse” was the topic on the 15th MAFO – The Conference in Milan. In 6 lectures the audience got information in the technical or physical field. Furthermore the program was added with a special about “Standardization and certification” with 4 lectures and a round table.
The MAFO editors visited VEE in New York (USA) and Mido in Milan (Italy). Read in the trade show reports what we explore for you.
In the first part of the two-part series Fengzhou Fang, Jing Yu and Zhongjun Qiu discuss the measurement parameters and suggest new criteria for the evaluation of FreeForm lenses.
What do you think: is it possible to sell glasses for just 1$? Yes it is! Martin Aufmuth developed a concept for producing such affordable glasses. In the article “one-dollar-glasses” you will see how the glasses look like and learn about the motivation to develop them.
Mo Jalie started a new series: “Modern lens manufacturing techniques”. This series has been written for those readers who wish to program the mathematical routines of today’s sophisticated ophthalmic lenses themselves.
For experts “Automation technology” is self-explanatory – for friends, family or a new colleague not necessarily. An example, how you can explain things in a simple way is given in our special Marketing Communication.
“Are you being ‘served’…? The answer is given by Ken Payne. Amongst others he will explain in his article how important “service and support” is.
The market surveys generators, lens inspection and automation will show you an overview about the product portfolio of the companies.
The ‘Closing Words’ are written by Dieter Dohr, Chairman Management Board, GHM Munich, organizer of opti in Munich.

This issue specials:  lens inspection, automation, generators
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2/2014: Now online at

Read this issue online at! Just follow this link

2/2014: Survey industrial edging

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Survey industrial edging

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