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4/2014: 10 years MAFO

How time flies: This is MAFO’s 10th year of publication! You will receive information how MAFO came into being and in which publishing house it has grown up and prospered. In this MAFO anniversary year, from time to time we will take you again on a journey into the past – in each issue we will venture to look back and show what changes have taken place in the industry over the past decade.
For all readers who wish to know more about to program the mathematical routines of today’s sophisticated ophthalmic lenses themselves, Mo Jalie will give you further instructions. In the second part he will consider how to determine the prism and its base direction.
Lens protection with lacquer or tape? The answer is given by Julián Rocabruna Puig. In his article he will give you information of the new revolution in surfacing: tape-stripping.
In the last part of the two-part series Fengzhou Fang, Jing Yu and Zhongjun Qiu you will get the final criteria for the measurement parameters and evaluation of FreeForm lenses.
The market surveys coating machinery, auxiliary materials as well as laser engraving systems will show you an overview about the product portfolio of the companies.
The ‘Closing Words’ are written by Gerold Simke, Product Line Manager Ophthalmic Systems, 3D-Micromac AG.

This issue specials: coating machinery, auxiliary materials, laser engraving systems
The surveys can be downloaded here!

Here you can find the content:


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