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5/2014: International standards

Based on a lecture given at MAFO – The Conference 2014, Mo Jalie is writing about international standards for the ophthalmic lens industry. In addition to this article he will also continue his series. The third part of “Modern lens manufacturing techniques” considers how it is possible to determine the minimum thickness of a circular uncut lens.
Furthermore this issue will take you on a journey to Africa and Vietnam. The report in the Moroccan desert will give you an insight how volunteers help in Africa with the lens charity project “The people of Taghijit”. A trip to Vietnam gives reason to be surprised and maybe what can we learn from the Vietnamese way of customer satisfaction.
Sabine Hübner and Rolf Leicher are experts in the matter of marketing. “Vivid service culture” is the topic of Sabine Hübner. Building up a service culture must occur step-by-step – and needs constant attention. Sabine Hübner will explain how it works. On the other hand you get information from Rolf Leicher, how the fluctuation of qualified staff is avoidable.
The market surveys of single-vision, bifocal and trifocal of semi-finished lenses and printing systems will give you an overview about the product portfolio of the companies.
The ‘Closing Words’ are written by Robert Shanbaum, President, Ocuco Inc.

This issue specials: semi-finished lenses (single-vision, bifocal, trifocal) and printing systems
The surveys can be downloaded here!

Here you can find the content:


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